Karen Green | Speaking
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I am an experienced keynote speaker and workshop host.


I cover a number of topics based on how to create the “Recipe for success for your food business” whether that is branding, category management, negotiation or ongoing evolution.


I’ve spoken at a number of high-profile events including Bread and Jam, Nottingham Trent University and many others.


See below for where I am speaking this year:


The Food Exchange – 21 September 2018 | KPMG, London


I  will be joining a panel of experts to show you how to get your business in the press and build a brand.


Exchange events put in you in touch with large brand buyers looking for products and solutions just like yours. You’ll also hear advice from a variety of entrepreneurs who have been there and done it plus experts in topics such as sales, marketing and PR for the food industry.


Visit The Food Exchange event for more details.


Food Industry Supply Chain Conference- 4th October 2018 | The Lansdowne Club, London


Once again I will be speaking with the awesome  Nick Coleman, Founder & CEO from Snaffling Pig
Creation of a niche brand can be your key to unlocking retailer shelf space and winning business as a start-up or SME, giving the big brands a run for their money. I will provide a buyer’s perspective on the things that you need consider when creating your brand’s unique proposition, whilst Nick showcases how the Snaffling Pig has applied this by challenging the traditional categories model. We will talk you through the Snaffling Pig’s success, and the tough choices brands make when trusting an external producer with their intellectual property and secret recipes, and what the practical considerations may be when it comes to making the choice of manufacturing your own product, vs outsourcing the more technical side of food production.


Visit the Future Food Conference 2018 event on the bsi website for more details.


Bread and Jam – 5th October 2018 | London


Come and meet some of my clients at the exhibition and hear me speak about how to reduce the risk of the buyer and there by improve your chances of a listing.


Visit the Bread and Jam website for more details.


I also run my own workshops including my retreat “Plan your successful food year” which I run every December in South of France.


For more information please Contact Me

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.