Karen Green | Learn how to pitch your product to retailers
If you're a foodie entrepreneur and wondering how to pitch your foodie product, Karen Green the Food Mentor, has launched a powerful online group coaching course Perfect Pitch.
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Pitch Perfect

Join The Exclusive 6 Week Group Training Course For Foodie Entrepreneurs

I am passionate about helping foodpreneurs make a success of their businesses and to create profitable sales growth for them in whatever way I can

I know the pain you have been through..

  • wondering how often to chase the buyer
  • joy that turns to fear when you get the meeting
  • concerned about hidden costs if you get a listing
  • feeling unprepared or appearing unprofessional if you can’t answer a question
  • feeling overwhelmed by the presentation
  • utter excitement when you get the listing followed by the thought …”now what?!”
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I want to make it EASY for you to turn your leads into long term PROFIT – whether they are from an exhibition show, trawling through Linkedin or a referral into profitable sales”

“Karen is very focused and cares for nothing more than the success and growth of your business.” Dee Mapasure K’s Wors  

I am launching a new 6 week Group Training Course  “Pitch Perfect” for foodie entrepreneurs who want to learn how to present their product to a retailers with confidence.

It is a 6 week course that builds step by step to enable you

  • To write a compelling sales proposal that will enable you to get through the door of your target customer
  • To understand your business commercials to ensure you negotiate the right deal for you
  • To negotiate the best deal for your listing so that those are profitable sales
  • To know when to walk away – when the deal just doesn’t add up
  • Post launch strategy to keep the listing and grow your business

The Course Programme Will Include

  • 6 weekly coaching calls – these will last approximately 1.5 hours
  • Weekly opportunity to take the hot seat to talk about your specific business and get advice from myself and also the rest of the group
  • All the templates you need to enable you to get that listing
  • Email access so you can privately put your questions to me for the duration of the course
  • Private Facebook Group to share your progress and keep each other accountable
  • Maximum 12 in the group – places awarded first come first served.

I have run many successful workshops and training sessions but this is a first group programme online. 

So, to test the concept I need your help so I can run this one as a beta test.

I’m inviting you to join the Course as an exclusive delegate for a reduced ticket beta test price of £199 (the price going forward will be £499 after the initial trial).

Karen was a speaker for our Future Food Conference, and provides a great energy when presenting. Karen keeps the topics interesting, the content relatable and the audience laughing. Karen’s Food Mentor presentation style is informal, engaging and fun. – Erica Armstrong BSI 

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So What Will You Learn?

Week 1

  • Building your story – knowing your why so you find the right retailers and food service customer

Week 2

  • How to get that meeting – top tips 
  • Best email approach, building the sales presentation

Week 3

  • Got the meeting – now what?
  • Meeting preparation 

Week 4

  • The meeting itself
  • Negotiating the deal

Week 5

  • Logistics
  • Admin
  • Planning for launch success

Week 6

  • The Launch
  • How to build the footfall for a successful launch

Places are limited to 12! Sign up today to avoid disappointment

Programme Dates

The programme begins on 10th September for 6 weeks. Each training lasts for 1.5 hours and take place in the evening.

  • Tuesday 10th September
  • Tuesday 17th September
  • Wednesday 24th September
  • Tuesday 1st October
  • Tuesday 8th October
  • Tuesday 15th October


1. What does a Beta Test mean?
Essentially the programme will contain the same content as the final product. As it’s the first time I’ve delivered a programme like this, I want to test the process with real life delegates and get your feedback on the experience, so I can tweak anything before I launch it later in the year.

2. How will the programme be delivered?
This is a 6 week course from 15th April. Each week you will be invited to join me live for from 7.30-9pm every Tuesday evening where I will take you through the programme. Each week, 2 members of the group will be invited to join the “hot seat” to have their questions answered. If it is not your turn to take the hot seat that week, you will always have access to me on email and the rest of the group via Facebook. Don’t worry you will have constant support during the Programme.

3. What happens if I can’t attend one week?
All the course sessions are recorded and you will have lifetime access to them, whenever you need them via the Private Facebook Group.

4. Will I be required to do course work in between sessions?
Yes! This is a practical course that will allow you to create everything you need to be retailer ready.

5. What if I’m not quite ready to meet the buyer, can I still join the programme?
Of course!   You are welcome to join the programme at anytime.  The key to Pitch Perfect is preparation – I worked with one client who took three years to get a listing in Tesco so the sooner you start planning and working on your route to market strategy the better!

6. Do I need any special computer software?
The calls will be delivered through Zoom Meeting Software. It’s free software and will not harm your computers. As soon as you sign up I will send you details.

7. After I enrol, what happens next?
You will receive a confirmation from me. Then next week I will send out a welcome email with all the details to all delegates.

8. I am worried about sharing confidential information about my strategy or numbers. Will there be client confidentiality?
We totally understand that you need to be  confident in sharing confidential information that will help you make decisions.  You can share as much or as little actual detail as you like on the hot seat calls and we will all sign up to an agreement to keep the information shared in the group…in the group!  I will also endeavour to avoid having competing products on the course but we will see .

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.