Karen Green | Food Mentoring & Consultancy UK
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Welcome to the Food Mentor!

We are passionate about creating profitable sales growth for food businesses whether they are well established or just setting out

Typical Projects Range From :

  • Guiding a start up from a great set of recipe ideas through to brand and packaging development to launching on the shelf – saving time and money along the way
  • Developing a category growth strategy to enable a client to sell more existing products in their key retail customer
  • Negotiating a new deal for a client with potential retail customers
  • Covering the role of Commercial director on a part time basis – £150k+ a year expertise at a tenth of the price
  • Mentoring and inspiring food preneurs to keep going when it all seems just too hard!.

Work with me


I’m an experienced keynote speaker and workshop host. I cover a number of topics based on how to create the “Recipe for success for your food business” whether that is branding, category management, getting ready for initial pitch or negotiation.


Do you have a great food idea but not sure how to get it off the ground? Would you like a guiding hand to get you to the next stage? Do you want someone to take you step by step through developing your product?


A full time Commercial director could cost you around £150k a year. That is a big commitment that your business may not be quite ready for. I can offer you this level of expertise at a fraction of the cost



Read my book

Shortlisted for Business Book Awards 2018

Recipe for success The Ingredients of a Profitable Food Business

A step by step guide that enables you to create profitable food products that sell!! Packed with case studies and practical exercises, designed to ensure you achieve success with your food business


“A great read for anyone with a passion for food or business, ideally both! It’s rare that I read a book from cover to cover in one go….this was the exception. Enjoy the read…it’s well worth it!” Amazon Review