The Power Hour

On the phone mentoring

I am often asked for help and advice on a range of issues and so have developed the power hour – a focused powerful hour on Skype where I work with you on your most pressing issues!

I have been working in the food and retail business forever as both a buyer and a seller.  So I really have a breadth of experience that you are welcome to tap into whether it's about launching new successful food products, negotiating a price increase with UK grocery retailer or just how to identify the key areas of focus for the next few weeks.  

Make the most of my years of experience by signing up to a power hour consultation with me. It's a great choice if you want some instant business mentoring whether you have recently started out or need to solve a specific problem.  

Some of the subjects I have covered so far:

  • Identifying the key USPs for your business and how to leverage them to create value
  • Solving a specific problem around your product, whether it be design, packaging, or recipes
  • Deciding on production solutions – whether to outsource with a co packer or create an in-house solution
  • Creating a plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Writing your first pitch to a retailer or role playing a specific negotiation
  • Mentoring someone for whom everything has just become overwhelming and finding a way through to simple solutions 

How it works

Click on the button below to pay for your power hour and then I will contact you with a mini form to understand a bit more about your business and what you want to focus on during the hour. We then agree a time to Skype and then spend that hour laser focused on your key business challenge.  You may want to send me a business plan, new product designs, challenges on costings or whatever you want to talk about 

At the end of the power hour, we may have identified other areas you want to work on that need support from me and that’s great.  We can talk about that afterwards. 

How to book

If you have a burning issue or just need some help focusing, book your power hour now.

Please bear in mind that we can get a lot of advice in an hour especially as we do the pre work but we may not be able to cover everything so please be sure to identify the one key problem/challenge or concern that you want to have my advice and mentoring for.

Please pay through PayPal using the button below.