Consulting Services

What we do is quite simple – we help you establish a strong position of power within your food category, which makes negotiations with customers easier, delivers profitable sales growth and just makes the day easier!
We look for the nuggets of greatness that exist in every business and help you as a business leader to develop those strengths into success whether it’s building an awesome team, creating a well-invested factory, great food brand or some other elusive point of difference.

Our approach:

  1. Business review – we work through the business fitness questionnaire to identify the drivers of power in your business and where there are weaknesses.
  2. Strategic action plan – together we write a plan, usually 12-18 months that identifies the priority power factors that the business will work on and how they are to be delivered.
    Business mentoring – we provide ongoing mentoring support to the relevant team members to deliver the plan. 

  3. There are many elements that we may work on – have a look at the client's page to see some of the work we have been doing recently

We also cover specific bespoke short term projects relating to new product development, category management or negotiation skills which may involve mentoring, training or business consultancy.