Ichiban UK

Ichiban UK - No 1 UK supplier of sushi to Tesco and Boots.  Very successful in terms of great quality sushi manufactured in a well-invested factory but plagued by internal stresses of dealing with customer demands and delivering profitable NPD.  


  • Barely breaking even despite double digit sales growth
  • Poorly managed new product development 
  • Ongoing stress of waiting for the next  disaster due to poor control
  • Limited understanding of cost drivers

What we did

  • Brought in new team 
  • Implemented improved NPD process which better-assessed feasibility and costs to reduce last minute surprises
  • Strengthened confidence in the business to enable successful negotiations to take place
  • Completely relaunched both Boots and Tesco ranges improving on shelf visuals, range design and profitability


  • 24% CAGR sales over 3 years generating significant profit in last 18 months
  • High performing commercial/NPD team  recruited and developed
  • Inflationary price increases negotiated with customers
  • Launched Yumie Sushi brand into convenience outlets, schools and universities
  • Won SME Innovation of the Year 2014 – Food Manufacturing Excellence Awards.
  • Much lower stress levels for all concerned!