Food glorious food!

There is a deep rooted passion that runs through me, you and all of us who work in the exciting and challenging industry that is food.   A joy of developing new products that customers love and sell well and are profitable.  And there are a few food companies that have hit the big time and grown into multi million pound businesses generating high revenue and creating significant equity

However, for us mere mortals, It’s a tough and demanding mistress with retailers dictating terms, raw materials, prices and availability, rising and falling and the new unknown world of Brexit impacting people, legislation and currency.  

And for many foodpreneurs, who started out with love and passion at the kitchen table, the barriers and challenges of everyday food business life slowly eat away at that joy creating stress and distress.   

My mission, passion, love, call it what you will, is to restore that joy and make being part of a food business fun and exciting again – to create the recipe for success for your business to enable you to create food products that sell well and generate good profits.   

And I do this in three ways:

- Consulting services

- My book – Recipe for success

- On phone – instant mentoring